Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

Uniswap Uses Bud Light Marketing Strategy, Immediately Deletes 200k Users

During a recent Uniswap board meeting in centralized HQ NYC, Hayden Adams proposed what he considered to be the ultimate marketing strategy.

“We believe the best way to bring more attention to our brand is to delete the first and possibly most massive community that uses our product.”

“Since we didn't even take five minutes to understand , we figured we might as well delete it from our front end.”

Uniswap made sure to keep the CEL token active, a brave move in support of Celsius and Mashinsky, who has one foot in a jail cell.

When asked where the fees from trading HEX on Uniswap went, Adams simply replied, “you are to have no expectations of these fees.”

This incredible story has led to HEX, eHEX, and pumping massively just one day after the news.

hex deleted from uniswap


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