Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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TrustSwap Will Support Pulsechain at Launch with SWAP Token Double

Jeff Kirdeikis of TrustSwap has announced that will be supported when it goes live.

When Pulsechain launches,TrustSwap and $SWAP & $pSWAP tokens are set and ready to be foundational pillars of the ecosystem.

The Crypto App portfolio tracker with 4.5 Million downloads will be exposing people to Pulsechain.

Team Finance allows anyone to create a Pulsechain token, staking contract, vesting contract, token lock, and lock within minutes, no development experience required, for free.

Holding $pSWAP makes you eligible for Pulsechain launchpads on TrustSwap. TrustSwap has done over 45 launchpads to date, and will be expanding to Pulsechain as soon as it launches.

There are nearly zero projects that have committed to bringing utility or liquidity to their pulsechain token.

This means the value of that token on pulsechain would be close-to worthless. $SWAP will be porting liquidity and utility over to Pulsechain in a big way.

Revenue generated on Pulsechain from Team Finance and Launchpads goes towards $pSWAP token buybacks.

This means, if you buy and hold $SWAP now, you'll be getting a 1:1 $pSWAP airdrop when Pulsechain launches.


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