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Second HEX & Pulsechain Conference 2023 – August 4-5 2023

Conference is STILL going ahead this weekend. 48hrs of live-stream, and IRL in Austin, which I've heard rumors is apparently a city in the lovely state of TEXAS.

pulsechain hex conference aug 4-5 2023

Will be streamed live on Mati Allin's channel.


The IRL conference/meetup is now free but you must have a ticket to attend: If you paid $50 and want a refund, please request via our Eventbrite.

Tobiwan has purchased tickets to give away to The Highest of Stakes documentary for the Friday and/or Saturday evening showings. Details to follow SOON! Sneak peek video here.

To keep costs affordable, we ask that you bring your own headphones and phone to watch the livestream content. We may or may not provide a large screen for viewing. This is a hybrid meetup and conference. The conference space will have tables set up for 150–200 people.

Hosted by GameTheoryGang, volunteers & Mati Allin LLC. Conference/meetup is at Westin Downtown in Austin, TX on August 4–5, 2023 9AM — 5PM).

PlsAustin & schedule and certain details are evolving and shown at the blog

Meetup Address: Westin Downtown Austin, 310 E 5th St., Austin, TX 78701

Merch might be limited due to making the tickets affordable. Early ticket holders might get a legendary PulseChain hat. Asking for shirt sizes in case someone donates them (no expectations).

Paying with crypto? Complete the checkout instructions here on Eventbrite for Pay by Invoice.

For more privacy, it's OK to use a nickname for first and last name in Eventbrite order form *only if paying with crypto*, but make sure your Telegram handle is accurate. Send $0/ticket or your donation of ETH, HEX or USDC on ETH to mati.eth or send PLS on PLS to (0x9E9FB1019b1e8D627083E9E99813680ad2552CAF).

Absolutely no refunds, and no transfers, please consider this strict policy before you contribute to the fundraising.

Final conference/meetup schedule is still evolving, but please read more details carefully that are on the blog and on the required Telegram

Hex and PulseChain Meetups are legendary and I'm really looking forward to hosting this event for you.

Best regards,

Mati Allin on Twitter and YouTube

Get a $0 IRL ticket now:


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