Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Red Pill & Manosphere Godfather Rollo Tomassi Discusses HEX with DCC

If you have ever heard the term “red pill” or “manosphere,” you probably have encountered Rollo Tomassi, author of “The Rational Male.”

Miguel aka “Dollar Cost Crypto” has made incredible connections to many of these prominent influencers and often advises them on crypto.

In this brief timestamped discussion, they discuss :

Miguel is believed to be one of the connections that helped get Richard Heart on the Fresh and Fit Podcast.

Along with Funding Gym, they were also able to onboard Justin Waller.

This group of high profile men has a lot of influence in the overall “manosphere” whether you like them or not.

If crypto returns to a bull market, there will be a LOT of eager young men itching to get back into the market – and what better way then to have them discover HEX from some of their favorite “heroes.”


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