Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

Richard Heart Teases PulseChain Private Testnet V3 Beacon Explorer

PulseChain Private Testnet Beacon Explorer

There are 4 Pulsechain Clients: go-pulse, prysm-pulse, erigon-pulse and lighthouse-pulse.

  • 10 second blocks
  • NEW block explorer – not blockscout – likely forked an open source explorer
  • Additional search features
  • 32 slots per Epoch like #ETH
  • Grafitti – support to label and search your transactions
  • 256 Validators running on Private testnet
  • Validator Analytics
  • PulseX and PulseRamp support
  • Possible support for multiple Chains
  • Will have updated Sacrifice checker
  • Possible Validator oversight tab
  • 4 clients customized for
  • Clients complete and under testing phase
  • Block reward to be determined
  • Dark mode – light mode?


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