Richard Heart – Founder of HEX, Pulsechain, and PulseX

This page contains facts and information about Richard Heart.

Richard Heart Birthday and Age

Richard’s birthday is October 9th, and he is in his early 40s.

Richard Heart’s House – Where Does He Live?

Richard lives somewhere in Europe, but has not and likely will not ever reveal the location of his house or city of residence for security reasons.

Is Richard Heart a Billionaire?

Richard often refers to himself as a “rumored” billionaire. This is sometimes a point of controversy as he has mentioned that he made millions selling a large 150 employee business.

If you add up all of his “possible” crypto holdings, it could mean he is a billionaire. He also claims to have mined Bitcoin solo around 2011.

Richard Heart’s IQ

Richard claims he has an IQ of 145, which can be considered “mensa” level.

Richard Heart Girlfriend or Wife

Richard is not married and it is unknown if he has an official girlfriend, despite saying that he loves to date around.