Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

Mike Alfred & Jordi Alexander Bring Absolutely Nothing to Debate vs Richard Heart

Over and over again we see people debate Richard Heart and call a scam. Their arguments never address the underlying, three-times audited code with 100% uptime for almost three years.

They always amount to:

  • Richard bought crazy clothes (for outrage marketing, which they didn't know)
  • Richard email spammed 20 years ago (whenever everyone was doing it)
  • Richard is more interested in research
  • HEX is a cult with a religious figure (but , ETH, Cardano, or any other coin aren't)
  • HEX is down 95% (but literally everything else is down)
  • HEX is a ponzi or pyramid (addressed a million times and here)

All you need to do is ask them one question – explain HEX t-shares.

Instant victory if they fail to do so, because it means they didn't even read the code.

Ask them about , , or any of the community built projects and sites and they couldn't even tell you what they are.

Absolute clown performance by Mike Alfred and Jordi Alexander.


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