Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

Luke Barnatt Promotes HEX Crypto Live on Andrew Tate’s Show

In Andrew Tate's Emergency Meeting #39, fighter Luke Barnatt went on a rousing speech about how to generate wealth to secure your financial future.

During this discussion, he says β€œdo something that challenges you, do something that scares you…like, take all of the money you own and invest it in a crypto like , that you have no idea what's gonna happen!”

This is yet another instance where someone on the show references either HEX, or Dollar Cost Crypto, who is the go-to crypto guy in this circle of male influencers.

Incredibly, this clip occurs on episode #39 with a timestamp of 3:30:30. We know the significance of 3 6 9 in the world of HEX, as Richard Heart chose these numbers specifically.

This means Andrew Tate is well aware of HEX, and could be an incredible ally in the bull run coming in 2024 – 2025.

Andrew Tate and Richard Heart were both attacked for similar reasons.

Members of Tate's War Room should start getting up to speed on the greatness of HEX and , as it is the perfect counterculture play in today's cryptocurrency landscape.


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