Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

Influencers Preach Defi, Keep Money off Exchanges – But Don’t Listen to Richard Heart!

Talk about extreme lack of awareness – the guys from Bankless preach the EXACT same principles as Richard Heart, but still call him a scammer.

  • > Cefi
  • Not your keys, not your coins
  • Get money off of exchanges

is the epitome of this philosophy, yet because they DON'T LIKE RICHARD himself, the hate flows. Look at this pathetic display.

You also have Ran from Crypto Banter, who actually praises Richard Heart for his prophecy and accuracy.

But refuses to invest in HEX!

Explain how that works.

It's simple. These guys deep down just hate Richard Heart, because he is a winner.

Just look at this highlight real. Yeah, this is the bad guy…


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