How to Buy HEX & Pulse (PLS) on Pulsechain Using USD or Crypto

how to buy hex on pulsechain

This guide will explain the easiest ways to buy HEX on Pulsechain and/or the Pulsechain token (PLS).

HEX on Pulsechain can be obtained using the Pulsechain token (PLS) or stablecoins which are always redeemable for $1 such as USDC or USDT.

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Buy HEX or Pulsechain with Crypto

Buy HEX or Pulsechain with USD

Buy HEX on Pulsechain with Crypto

1) Setting Up Your Pulsechain Wallet

This is way easier than you think. If you use Metamask, then you likely already have some Ethereum addresses available from the drop down menu.

These ETH addresses are the exact same on Pulsechain.

First you’ll just need to change your Metamask Network or Wallet Connect to Pulsechain instead of Ethereum Mainnet.

To add Pulsechain as a selectable network, visit and click the button “Add Pulsechain to Metamask”

Once this is done, you should now be able to select Pulsechain in the top left corner:

All of your Ethereum addresses are now Pulsechain addresses when using this network.

2) Buy the Pulsechain Token (PLS) with Crypto

The fastest and easiest way to obtain PLS is to swap for it directly using another crypto.

You can use ETH, BTC, LTC, BNB, or any number of popular coins.

Make sure to copy your receive address which you can get from Metamask:

Then paste this into the “recipient address” section of the swap:

Then simply send the required crypto to the address they provide, and wait about ten minutes.

You will receive Pulsechain (PLS) token natively in your wallet ready to use!

If you just wanted to buy PLS, then your job is done.

3) Swap for HEX On Pulsechain

Now that you have the PLS token natively in your wallet, you can use it to swap for HEX.

Select PLS in the top, and select HEX in the bottom.

IMPORTANT: You can also buy “HEX from Ethereum (eHEX)” which has a bluish background. This is NOT the native HEX token for Pulsechain.

Connect your wallet and execute the swap.

Keep in mind that you will need PLS to pay the fee, which will be very minimal.

Buy HEX or Pulsechain with USD

This process is very similar to buying PLS with crypto, but you can use USDC or USDT on Ethereum, Polygon, Tron and more to buy PLS.

Simply obtain USDC or USDT from Coinbase (free swap from USD) and send it to your Ethereum address.

If you already have USDT on Tron or another network such as Arbitrum or Optimism, you can simply use that.

You can also use USDC on Polygon, which is supported by Coinbase, if you change your Metamask network to Polygon when you send to the swap tool.

Make sure to select the right USDC or USDT from the dropdown menu, according to the network that you use.

Now that you have PLS, you can swap for HEX on Pulsechain.

Just select PLS on the top and HEX on the bottom (not eHEX) and complete the swap.

Once you have native HEX on Pulsechain, you can stake it to make gains!