Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

SEC Investigating HEX Influencers. Too Bad No One Cares

Apparently the SEC has issued a subpoena to one or more influencers.

Someone that didn't do the research probably started whining and crying so hard that eventually someone at the SEC decided to take action.

HEX itself can't be subpoenaed because it's not a company. It is immutable code on a blockchain. There is no business and no profits.

So many people hate HEX because they are 1) jealous of the gains 2) hate Richard's latest shirt.

Not a single person that hates HEX can actually put up a defensible reason against it. They just want it to fail because they are sick of the fact that the HEX community is incredibly strong while many other communities slowly die off.

HEX influencers promote HEX like others do any other crypto coin.

Thus, this SEC subpoena of HEX is all FUD as usual.


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