Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

The HEX Origin Address (OA) Explained for Noobs

This is the best video describing how the origin address works and why some people think it is controversial:

First off, most people that try to understand the OA have not actually done the hours of research into the HEX code, nor have they listened to hours and hours of Richard Heart interviews.

  • If Richard Heart is the OA, which many speculate that he could be, then the question is, why has it been three years and no dumping, or dumping at the top? The reason which many find hard to believe – RH is in it for the glory, and spent and outrageous amount of time thinking and designing HEX
  • Some of the daughter (receiving) address from the OA have staked in the past, for very long. The majority of the coins remain liquid and allow for high APYs to those that stake.
  • The OA originally defended the price during the Adoption Amplifier from opportunists that were using the newly created Uniswap to arbitrage and sell down the price.
  • The OA lowered the Big Pay Day bonus from last minute stakers that tried to take advantage of the system, but long term stakers will still rewarded well.
  • The HEX origin address has never sold a single coin ever

The OA can become a liquidity provider of last resource, or can defend against an copycat or fake airdrop targeted at HEX holders.

So the HEX OA has never done anything bad or nefarious to the ecosystem, but it still gets all of this hate? That's what we thought.


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