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What is the HEX Orange Address HOA & TangGang?

The Orange Address (HOA) coin started when Toos_pooky decided to make some on Pulsechain.

He then started posting a bunch of oranges on social media and ran a number of Twitter (X) spaces in the general HEX and community.

Holding the HOA token also allowed users to mint a free Pulse OG .

This resulted in a lot of meme and social energy building up in a niche community centered around Pulsechain.

Some community members also refer to this community as a “decentralized autonomous marketing agency” due to the social activity generated from the meme related activity.

This video offers a great breakdown of the TangGang:

Bringing it Back to the Grove

This means taking 10% of your profit from utilizing the TangGang back to HOA coin.

Neckbeard Deriva-Phunks

DegenWaffle_NFT created these based on a previous art style. You can pay with the incentive token (INC) from PulseX or OG coin.

The ecosystem includes the various Pussy Cat Farms on Pulsechain with incentivized pools and single sided staking. For participating, you get the incentive crypto token OG. This includes single sided staking PLSX.

hex orange address lp pools

All of these work together to help incentive usage and value with the Incentive Token from PulseX.

How to Buy HEX Orange Address (HOA) Coin or OG Incentive Coin

While using the Pulsechain network, buy some PLS for swapping.

Next, visit Piteas DEX aggregator to swap PLS for HOA or OG incentive coin.

buy HOA hex orange address coin

Follow Crypto Sloth on X for great information on Pulsechain and the HOA.


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