Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Scam Rebuttals

CryptoSloth Drops Absolute Knowledge Bomb Presentation

There are a lot of ultra nerds in the community, and CryptoSloth might be in the top 2-3.

This video is an absolute must watch for anyone trying to understand how HEX, , and work.

The Argument
P1: You can exit HEX via ICSA
P2: ICSA can potentially oscillate around its ceiling price relative to
P3: IF the ceiling point is held THEN ICSA/HEX is a great LP
P4: Sufficient exists for both ICSA/USDC & ICSA/HEX
Conclusion: THEREFORE, ICSA creates an environment where hex never
needs to be sold as you can sell any liquid HEX by minting ICSA of
equivalent $ value from it


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