Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Bitboy Ben Armstrong Realizes HEX and Pulsechain are the Best Altcoin Play of 2024 – Announces Podcast Idea

Ben Armstrong () announces that he is going “all in” on and .

He mentions upcoming related to Hex and Pulsechain in Las Vegas and expresses his interest in participating and potentially speaking at these . Armstrong discusses his rankings and price predictions for Hex and Pulsechain, stating that he sees potential in both but believes Pulsechain may have more overall potential.

Additionally, he reveals plans to collaborate with the Pulsechain Foundation on legal matters related to decentralized finance (). Armstrong introduces the integration of Ben Coin into his platform, encourages Hex community engagement, and announces the launch of a new podcast titled “Teach Me How to Hex.” The podcast aims to educate Armstrong about Hex and Pulse Chain through interviews with key figures in the community, with the goal of debuting it during the upcoming conference.

He also mentions incorporating Hex and Pulsechain stories into his weekly newsletter and encourages community support during challenging times. He addresses recent negative publicity and expresses appreciation for the Hex community's support.


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